Ucdsb Collective Agreement 2018

Ucdsb Collective Agreement 2018

OSSTF Local 26 issued a press release on 21 June indicating that the 25 child and youth workstations (PSPs) in the UCDSB Special Education Department will be eliminated at the end of the 2018/19 school year. SSp works directly in schools with students who support mental health, student interaction with peers and suicide prevention. The discounts for teachers in classes 4 to 8 ($1.2 million) and early childhood educators (925K) are based on changes in the province`s funding formula. The greater effects of the cuts to teachers in Class 9-12 have not been released by the Board. UCDSB sent redundancy notices to 100 teachers last month. In accordance with collective agreements with the two teachers` unions Elementary Teacher`s Federation of Ontario and Ontario Secondary School Teacher`s Federation, the tender for classroom places began in mid-June. Teachers in the system who have been removed from the board`s office are eligible for this process. Trustee Lisa Swan proposed using apprenticeship grant funds for elementary libraries to retain some of these positions. The Board of Directors had already built up electronic reserves. This money, along with grants for the years 2019-20, means that six of the 28 positions will be funded by 2019-20.

In addition to the main budget, $46.9 million was approved for the 2019/20 school year. These projects are funded directly by the Ministry of Education and cannot be used for operating or teaching budgets. MetaSearch is intended only for research, information and reference purposes. Search results are not designed as legal advice for you or your organization and do not replace the legal advice of a qualified lawyer in your jurisdiction. According to the House, 162.66 full-time jobs were cut. The release of the Board of Directors does not indicate the number of positions that have been eliminated by wear and tear (retirement, voluntary leave) and the number of jobs actually lost. Faced with several cuts and a deficit of $11.7 million, the administrators sided with the government to reduce the Upper Canada District School Board`s budget and, at their June 12 planning meeting, weighed more cuts than expected for specialized education. These reductions were approved by the directors at the June 19 meeting. The approved reductions in the approved budget of $364.5 million include US$1.3 million by the programming department, including the US$704K reduction for commons learning. Schools will be more involved in the restructuring. Through a restructuring plan that will consolidate campuses and programming, T.R. Leger is promised reductions of more than $1 million.

Currently, there are two TR Leger offices in Dundas County, a small office in Morrisburg, while MAIN TR programming is available at North Dundas District High School.

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