What Is A Retail License Agreement

What Is A Retail License Agreement

A store license agreement is a written legal authorization allowing the store to use a company`s name and sell its products under its own name. The agreement protects the licensing company from the unfair use or illegal sale of its brand and products. Similarly, the transaction is legally authorized to sell the products of another brand under its name and to grant an appeal in the event of an improper revocation of the license. This agreement contributes to the establishment of a clearly defined and applicable structure that will benefit the store and the companies concerned. Since it is legal and binding in nature, the derogatory part of the contract may also be held liable for damages and fines. Often, the licence fee is incorporated into the agreement. A company will mention certain violations of federal copyrights, which can lead to civil or criminal penalties. The vast majority of brand licensing agreements are not exclusive. This means that you can license your brand to as many competing apparel manufacturers as you choose. Although non-exclusivity is the standard for brand licensing, it must nevertheless be described in the contract. In some cases, you can offer an exclusive license – in this case, you can often charge higher fees. Once you have left the basics behind, a trademark licensing agreement takes into account every detail used in cooperation between two companies. For example, the licensee (the company that buys licensing rights for a trademark) often pays a portion of each sale of the product granted to the licensee (the mark is granted).

As a reminder, your brand`s license means that you allow another company to use your brand`s logo, name or other intellectual property (IP) on its products. And you don`t have to be a giant brand to make it happen. If your brand has a local or local value, you can concede that mark. OPEN Forum describes trademark licenses as „legally protected agreements by which a third party leases the use of the company`s trademark, name or image to another company.“ In its simplest form, it is a contract that allows one company to use the creation protected by another`s brand. No matter the size or small size of your distributor, the brand license is always a possibility on the track. That`s why it`s advantageous to understand the basics of what it means and how you can get a trademark license. Whether you become licensed or licensed, it`s up to you, your brand and your goals. For more information, see www.licensingexpo.com.

Looking ahead to licensing Expo 2014, which will take place June 17-19 in Las Vegas, we`ll tell you more about the license – how to find a successful property and what trends will be hot in 2014 and beyond. The Licensing Expo is the meeting point for dealers, licensees and manufacturers to connect with licensees and hear the brand`s strategy directly from the brand owners themselves. Visit www.licensingexpo.com/registertoday to register now! In other words, the agreement should define the responsibilities and rights of each party in a fair and transparent manner. Before signing, it is advisable to rely on the services of a lawyer to design and negotiate the Retail Store Licensing Agreement. How did you manage the development of a brand licensing strategy? It all starts with extensive research.

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